Ferrari, Futura Lucchini, serra Atlantic Forigo
The synergy of three main players, leaders in specialized technology for horticulture and protected crops, shapes a new reality:


Transplanters, mechanical
and automatic

and equipments

Machinery for
soil preparation

Quality, Innovation, Development.

Construction technique, attention to detail and qualified after-sales service.


FUTURA is an automatic machine that has been studied for the transplant of vegetables in modules in trays. It needs exclusively one operator who puts the single planting element inside the changing slide of the tray. The machine extracts the seedlings automatically by means of a system based on cylindrical shaped plungers which diameter may vary according to the holes on the lower part of the tray to be used. The plants will be caught by moving grippers that will place them into the carousel. No need to change the tray the customer is used to work with, on the contrary the machine will be adapted accordingly: this is one of the features that render Futura a totally innovative machine.


MULTYATLANTIC EVOLUTION multi-span greenhouses are technologically advanced, suitable for intensive farming in horticulture and floriculture that mostly need a solid structure, as well as combined with the most advanced systems of ventilation and climate management. The reinforced structure with lattice arches and squared columns offers extensive guarantees thanks to the resistance against wind, snow, and at the same time allows hanging support to various types of cultivation.



Complete range of Power Harrows for all ground conditions and for all powers. Divided into 7 main groups of Fixed and Rotary Harrows Power Harrows Folding 5 groups.


The Ferrari transplanter model MULTIPLA is a double-row planting machine working with a rotary carousel feeding two lines of plants. It is suitable for planting different crops like tomatoes, cabbages, celery, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflowers, etc. This model is equipped with a double carousel working with a "step by step" rotation that can guarantee a perfect dropping tempo to each single plant. The machine is also equipped with a "self-cleaning shoe" that can avoid dirt accumulation inside the ploghshare. The "step by step" rotation combined with the "self-cleaning shoe" is extremely important to obtain an high quality transplant: depth control and plant spacing control. In other words: crop uniformity. The average performance is 3,500 plants/hour/row, anyhow it is possible to reach even 5,000 plants/hour/row if the planting is carried out by experienced operators.


ORIENTE TS is the "historical" greenhouse made with bows round tube diam. Ø 60 that over the last few years have availed itselve of an incremental innovation that led to the ability to create new versions of tunnel with multiple benefits in efficiency and effectiveness in agri-business. ORIENTE TS has been leading for years both the horticulture and floriculture. Therefore, IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI is the absolute leader in the Italian market and lately also abroad with this product line. The advanced production system of IDROMECCANICA LUCCHINI guarantees very short time supply, even in case of big projects, and especially these structures are easy to be assembled on the spot.